Department Summary

Environmental Health supports and enforces the sanitary code of Saline, Ellsworth, Lincoln, and Ottawa counties.  Sanitary codes establish standards to eliminate and/or prevent the development of environmental conditions that are hazardous to health and safety and promote the economical and planned development of the land and water resources for each County.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who does water testing in this area?

Saline Co. Environmental Services does some water testing for a fee. The Central Kansas Extension Agency, which is located on campus at K-State also does some water testing, along with several privately owned companies.

When is a new septic permit required?

A new septic permit is required any time there is a change to your Septic system, for example, adding lateral lines or putting in a new tank.

There’s black mold in my house, what should I do?

Not all mold that’s black is the extremely harmful type of mold.  Saline County Environmental Health does not test mold or remove it.  We do have some links to information which you may find helpful in the education section.  You can look online for a contractor who is licensed to treat or remove mold.

Why is a Real Estate Transaction inspection (RET) required when a property sells?

When a property has a septic system and/or a well it’s a protection for both the buyer and the seller to have that inspection completed to ensure the workability and stability of the system. 

There’s an old, unused septic tank on the property I just bought. What do I need to do with that?

When a septic tank is old and isn’t going to be removed, it should be pumped then filled with concrete.

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